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Who is Eli Montaigue?

Eli Montaigue (son of Master Erle Montaigue)

Eli Montaigue is one of the sons of Erle Montaigue, and one can much say that Eli lies under the category of "like father like son".
I know that this section of the webpage is intended to introduce you to Eli, but I believe one thing... If Erle Montaigue is so famous for his work, imagine how good Eli could be, a guy who has been training since he was three years old! So from here I jump straight to one typical testimonial for one of Erle's book, found on Just search for Erle's name on and you can see all ratings of his books and dvds sky high.

Good stuff on the art of Dim Mak, November 23, 2003

Joseph M Burtner (Kennesaw, Georgia)

I'm sure some people are reading my title and saying, "but dim-mak isn't an art", but that's what this book pretty much focuses on. Erle Montaigue is best at putting horns and claws on the internal Chinese arts, and that's exactly what he does in this book. It's a great book on accupuncture points, their martial applications, and using taiji to attack them. The sections on C-back and Fa-jing are useful to everyone. The author goes into how the points work, how to counter the effects of being hit in those points, basic "chi circulation" theory, some chi kung, and some excersises to mess with your chi flow. I have just some minor complaints about this book. First, some of the points mentioned were not actually covered, like "strike point so-and-so", but no where in the book is that point's location given. Also, it's kind of oriented to someone with some background in taiji (t'ai chi), which I'm not, so some references to certain possitions just left me confused. There is a video that makes this book easier to understand, done by Montaigue, by Paladin Press. Overall, a very unique look at pressure-point striking, offering insights into why these points work the way they do. A good book for anyone interested in the subject of pressure-point strikes. This is one of my favorite books, and I learn something new every time I read it.

What's covered in Eli Montaigue's Dim Mak / Tai Chi Workshop?

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