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Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta
Mission and Philosophy

I want to learn and to teach Martial Arts in its purest form. I want to learn as much as possible in the same way the "Old Masters" learned and taught it in China.

I want to teach Martial Arts the same way as they have for hundred's of years. Without all the commercialism and without making it easy just to make money.

I think that a true Martial Artist should be just as dedicated to the Art as they would be to getting a good Education, Body-building, Figure Skating, Basketball, Football or any other goal, that demands perfection and dedication. You should be just as dedicated as any Professional or Olympic athlete. You should be so dedicated that it becomes a part of you.

You should also pass the knowledge on without diluting it! Keeping it pure, the way you learned it!

You should set aside a daily time for training, just as you would set aside time to study anything else in life that you want to be a part of you. Repetition is the key to success in anything you strive to be great at. You should study what you have learned daily for at least 1 - 3 hours.

This is the way that my current instructors, Master Igal Maidani of Hung Gar Kung Fu, Master Eli Montaigue of the Old Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, as well as other Martial Arts legends, in particular Bruce Lee, all learned and perfected their art. I'm sure there are more martial artists with great passion! And if YOU... yes you... who is reading this have passion for Martial Arts and would like to practice seriously or maybe you already do so, I would be honoured to get to know you.

The average Black Belt in most countries receives a Black Belt in approximately 3 years. Usually in most cases, NOT because they've reached a high level of skill. It is usually because the instructor doesn't want to lose revenue, so they reward the student by giving them something that he/she really hasn't earned.

The practice of buying belts instead of earning belts is really what has given Martial Arts a bad reputation. Usually these so called Black Belts are all EGO!. They go around bullying people and bragging "I am a Black Belt!"

But if they run into a real fighter or someone who's not afraid, they end up getting their "Behind" kicked. When people see that, they think that Martial Arts are a joke. Something you see in the movies.

Your instructor should be able to explain every detail about why you do a move. For instance, I emphasize a lot of footwork, leg and stance training. Basic fundamentals build a strong foundation.

In conclusion, there are many REAL Martial Arts Instructors and Practitioners. Not all are in it for just the money. To those Instructor's and practitioner's I commend and applaud you!

It is also important to remember that God first, Family second, Kung Fu third!

Christopher Cassar.

GOD Bless you.

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