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Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta
Hung Gar Kung Fu History

Hung Gar is one of the most famous ancient Chinese Martial Arts. It was developed in the southern China by Hung Hei Gung. In fact Hung Gar simply means Hung's Clan / Family. In other words, Gar means clan or family in Cantonese and Hung is the surname of the monk who created the style.

Master Hung Hei Gung' s real name was Jyu. He worked as a traveling tea merchant and one day while traveling, he was confronted by some Ching nobles, who started a fight with him. After this incident he was a wanted man with a price on his head. For this purpose he had to change his name and protect himself in the Shaolin Sil Lum Temple and began to practice Martial Arts as a lay man. Hung already had some good basics of Martial Arts and he began to perfect his skills and learn new methods in the temple under Sifu Gee Sin Sim See. Sifu Gee Sin Sim See's expertise was the Tiger style. Good results of Jyu' s hard practice began to emerge because he became one of the best students. His physical built and strength perfectly suited the Tiger system. Jyu continued to study in the temple until one day it was attacked by the Ching dynasty.

The Sil Lum temple was destroyed; many of the residents died but a few of them survived and one of those who survived was Jyu. While traveling Jyu met a woman who practiced the Crain Style. Her name was Fong Wing Chun not to be mislead with Yim Wing Chun the founder of Wing Chun/Tsun. Some dispute that Fong Wing Chun learned from Fong Sai Yuk while others say that she learned under another woman Mg Mui.

Later Hung Hei Gung married Fong Wing Chun. Hung Hei Gung refined his style by amalgamating the two animal styles Fu and Hok (Tiger and Crane). Although Hung Gar focuses mainly on the Tiger and Crane the style still incorporates the other three Animal styles to complete and balance the system, i.e. Leopard, Dragon and Snake.

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