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Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta
Hung Gar History
Wong Fei Ho
Wong Fei Hong (1847–1924)
His contributions to the modern Hung Gar are unmatched, and can be considered one of the forefathers of modern day martial arts. In fact he became the subject of numerous television series and films and sometimes also referred to as the last hero in china. He was renowned for protecting the weak and helping the poor.
Lam Jo
Lam Cho (1910 - Present)
Adopted and raised by the famous Hung Gar Master Lam Sai Wing who was the top student of the legendary hero Wong Fei Hung. Lam Sai Wing could not have children of his own so he loved and raised Lam Cho like his own son. Lam Cho no longer teaches and has passed down his great legacy to his sons.
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