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Dim Mak Death Point Striking

Dim-Mak (Death Point Striking)

This is the original Martial / Healing system as taught by founder Yang Lu-ch’an, not the all slow moving soft style of Yang Cheng-fu. The System has real martial qualities for street defence using Fa-jing and Dim-Mak; even the slow form has explosive energetic parts giving it a balance of Yin and Yang, as opposed to the all slow moving soft form that can make you become too Yin. Plus we have the fully explosive fighting Pauchui form, Push Hands, Che Sau, Da-Lu, Weapons forms etc, all in the Old Yang way of Practice.

Dim-Mak - A Medical View

by Erle Montaigue

There are certain techniques which most responsible martial artists tend to keep secret until a student is able to understand them and only use them responsibly. However, in modern times, certain people have been traveling the world revealing many of these very dangerous techniques to all and sundry with many inexperienced martial artists going home and trying it out on their younger brother or mother etc. I say inexperienced not only in the physical sense where the student is just not up to using these techniques properly but also inexperienced in medical knowledge. This leads to dangerous situations where people are trying to emulate techniques which they might have seen someone else perform at seminars etc, and not knowing the medical implications, can cause great damage to his or her training partner.
With this in mind I have decided to impart some of the small knowledge which I have accumulated over the years on the Dim-Mak medical theory so that inexperienced martial artists will know more about why this art works and perhaps think twice about using it in practice. I will also reveal some of the more dangerous points and explain why the knock outs work when attacking with medium pressure to certain points far from the head or chin.
In revealing this information, I too am in breach of martial responsibility. However, I feel that it is necessary at this stage so that more injury does not happen through inexperience and general lack of knowledge. It is my hope that most young martial artists and some oldies will use this information wisely and also tell about it responsibly, really stressing that it is very dangerous and will kill. Better that we have people killing others in times of dire need rather than going home and hitting Mum on the carotid sinus in the wrong way and killing her because some person at a seminar said that it was not dangerous.

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