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Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta
Welcome to Kung Fu Malta

What We Offer

Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta started by offering Hung Gar classes as the name indicates. Later on, we opened our own training centre where we offer various classes, among them: Tai Chi, Yoga, Krav Maga, Judo, MMA and Pankration. Occasionaly we also offer fitness classes and various other events on request.
Classes are available for all ages with kids starting at 5 years old.

Learn the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu - Hung Gar

Hung Gar kung fu, also known as the five animal five elements style of kung fu is one of the most popular Chinese Martial Arts derived from the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. Hung Gar is known for its direct powerful striking techniques using both external and internal force. All five animals, dragon, tiger, leopard, crane and snake have a special quality.

The Dragon cultivates your spirit and develop your internal energy. It uses the Earth element, which is firm and loose, hard and soft simultaneously. Just think of the firmness of the mountain and the looseness of the soil. It is strong and decisive.
The Tiger will strengthen your bones and help to develop your natural strength. The tiger's spirit is like Fire - it explodes, has no fear or hesitations while it intimidates others.
The movements of the Leopard concentrate on the development of strength, speed and agility. It uses the strength of Metal - uses body momentum to generate power, like an axe coming down on you. 
The graceful movements of the Crane will develop your balance and flexibility, and harmonize your hands and your feet. The crane uses simultaneous blocks and strikes and are the shortest arm movements in Hung Gar. The Crane is compared to the Wood element. Wood gives you the idea of balance - it is neither too hard nor soft which gives it a unique strength. Tranquility and awareness are some of the virtues of the crane.
The movements of the Snake will develop your speed and accuracy. The Snake's energy flows through its body, which remains supple. The snake appears to be soft yet strong, flexible yet firm - until the moment it strikes. The snake uses the Water element. It changes with the environment, hard like ice in the cold and soft in its liquid form when it is warm. Like the dragon it has a duality of hard and soft but unlike the dragon, the snake is more flowing with the environment. Like water, the snake uses a series of battering blows similar to the pounding of ocean waves upon the shores.

Learn the Secret Art of DIM MAK - Old Yang Style Tai Chi

This is the original Martial / Healing system as taught by founder Yang Lu-ch’an, not the all slow moving soft style of Yang Cheng-fu. The Old Yang Style Tai Chi has real martial qualities for street defence utilizing both punches and kicks, Fa-jing (explosiveness) and Dim-Mak (death point striking); The Old Yang Style incorporates explosive energetic parts within the slow forms (slow movements) giving it a balance of Yin and Yang, hard and soft, as opposed to the all slow moving soft forms that can make you become too Yin; in simple terms, too soft and therefore unhealthy because there's no balance. The Old Yang style has fully explosive fighting Pauchui form, Push Hands, Che Sau, Da-Lu, Weapons forms etc, all in the Old Yang way of Practice.

For more information about our Old Yang style Tai Chi system please click on Old Yang Style Tai Chi Malta.

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